Identification Key

After Bersoft Image Measurement is installed on a computer it generates a unique identificatory number called ID #, which is based on the computer hardware, and it is an hexadecimal number, composed of letters and numbers.

The ID number will only change if the computer hardware is replaced or when the software is installed in a different computer.

To see the ID # click on Help -> About menu command to open the About window, the ID # is displayed on the bottom of this window. This example shows how the ID # looks:

I.D. #: f5c2cf6d9aa0164ac5e5ee1936c69b22

The ID # is used to generate the activation key, which enables Bersoft Image Measurement. Therefore, if the program is installed on another computer or if the computer hardware is replaced, the ID # will change and a new activation key will be required to activate Bersoft Image Measurement.

We can supply additional activation keys without additional charges, up to three different keys in a year.

That means up to three keys in the first year and the same number in the next years. If you do not request additional keys, that does not grant you the right to get additional keys the next year.