After we receive your order we will provide you with a protected link to download the full version and your activation key.

Bersoft Image Measurement is available under two different licensing options:

Perpetual License: It uses the ID # to validate the license validity. It doesn't expire ever. If installed in another computer it will require a new activation code.

The ID # is used to generate the activation key, which enables Bersoft Image Measurement. Therefore, if the program is installed on another computer (or moved to another USB Drive) or if the computer hardware is replaced, the ID # will change and a new activation key will be required to activate Bersoft Image Measurement.

Alternatively, BIM can be installed on a USB (Flash or HDD) Drive, working as a Portable Application (only under Windows). Learn more.

We can supply additional activation keys without additional charges, up to three different keys in a year (for USB Drives, only two keys per year are allowed).

That means up to three keys in the first year and the same number in the next years. If you do not request additional keys, that does not grant you the right to additional keys the next year.

Important: Please click here to learn more about the activation process for the Perpetual License.

Subscription License: Bersoft Image Measurement Subscription Licenses are validated each time Bersoft Image Measurement runs. It should be able to connect to the Internet at least every 30 days or 30 runs to keep the application activated. It can be moved easily from one computer to another one by installing the app and entering the same activation key for each computer.

After activated, Bersoft Image Measurement will show the client number as ID # in the About window. Also, it will notify the user when the subscription is about to expire.


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For Windows.
Runs on Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista & XP (32/64 bit).

Perpetual License
The version 9.0 includes a licence for the Windows, Linux and MacOS Editions


Upgrade from the version 7 or 8 to the version 9.
Please contact us for further upgrading information, or if you have a version older than 7, we do not put here the upgrade link to prevent abuse.

Subscription License
The version 9.0 only includes a licence for the Windows Edition (Subscription Licenses are not availabled for Linux/MacOS)

Prepaid 3 months subscription


Prepaid 6 months subscription


Prepaid 12 months subscription


For MacOS / Linux. Runs on OS X 10.8 or newer and in Debian, Ubuntu, Mint, and Debian derivatives.

The version 1.x includes a license for the Linux and MacOS Editions $249

  • All prices are expressed in u$s dollars.



I.D. number (not required for Subscription Licenses)

We need this number to generate the activation key that will enable the software in your computer, but only if you purchase a Perpetual License. Learn more about the ID number .
If you still don't know the I.D. number, it can be sent to us at any time by using our contact form.


ATTN!: Important information will be sent to you by email. Please take special care to enter your email address correctly.
If you do not receive the activation in the next 24 hours, please make sure that your email spam/junk filters are not blocking our messages.

The payment can be done using:  MasterCard, VISA, American Express, Diners Club, Discover, JSB, US$ Checks, Eurocheques or Bank wire transfers by Internet, fax, mail or telephone (click on the Next Step button, after filling the form to learn more).

See also:License Agreement